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Digital Marketing Executive at an Organic Herbal Care

    Digital Marketing Executive at an Organic Herbal Care

    A passionate organic herbal company that believes that happiness begins with good health, is recruiting suitable candidates to fill the position below:

    Job Title: Digital Marketing (Meta Ads) Executive

    Location: Remote
    Employment Type: Full-time

    Answer These Questions:

    • Are you an extremely motivated person who loves acquiring customers/leads through strategic digital marketing skills?
    • Are you a ‘paid advertising expert’, someone who knows how to write compelling ad copies, design attention-grabbing images, and construct powerful videos that drive traffic?
    • Are you someone who is relentless at optimizing marketing strategies till “one penny” generates “ten pennies?” If so, we would be glad to have YOU on our TEAM.

    Position Summary

    • Here at Wellagainremedy Global, we produce effective, reliable organic herbal solutions that our customers rely on. We pride ourselves on the number one trusted solution for specific ailments.
    • We are looking for a talented and qualified “Meta Advertising (Digital Marketing) Expert” to join our team. In this critical role, you will be responsible for driving the digital marketing efforts that align with our vision and mission of empowering individuals to achieve optimal health and well-being.
    • As a paid advertising expert at Wellagainremedy Global, your primary focus will be to develop and execute comprehensive digital marketing strategies. This includes creating and optimizing ad campaigns on various platforms, with a special emphasis on ‘Meta Ads’.
    • In addition to paid advertising, you will play a pivotal role in enhancing our organic presence online. Conducting thorough keyword research and implementing effective SEO strategies will be part of your responsibilities.
    • Your creative skills will shine as you generate engaging content for various digital platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Crafting compelling ad creatives and informative content that resonates with our audience is vital for success in this role. Monitoring and analyzing campaign performance will be a continuous task, and you’ll use data-driven insights to optimize campaigns and improve ROI.
    • Join Wellagainremedy Global as a Remote Digital Marketing Expert and be part of a team that strives to improve the health, happiness, and harmony of individuals globally. Your skills and dedication will help us take Wellagainremedy to a global level and establish us as leaders in the field.

    You’ll be accountable for these KPIs

    • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Measure the revenue generated compared to ad spend.
    • Click-Through Rate (CTR): Monitor the percentage of users who click on ads.
    • Conversion Rate: Track the rate at which users take desired actions (e.g., order submission, direct purchases).
    • Sales Page Visits: Measure the number of visits on the sales page.
    • Cost Per Sales Page Visits (CSPV): Measure the cost of each visit on the sales page.
    • Website Traffic: Monitor increases in organic and paid traffic to the website.
    • Engagement Metrics: Measure social media engagement (likes, shares, comments).

    Please DO NOT apply for this position if you:

    • Have NO or less than 1-YEAR of “Paid Advertising” Experience with Meta Ads.
    • Have never had to optimize ad campaigns.
    • Have no interest in research and personal development towards achieving job tasks.
    • Have no graphic design skills.
    • Have no video creation skill with stock footage.
    • If you’re not in these categories above, then please continue reading…

    Skill Requirements & Responsibilities

    • Meta Business Suites: Proficiency in Meta Ads Manager(Facebook & Instagram).
    • Ad Campaign Management: Ability to create, manage, and optimize paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
    • Audience Targeting: Skill in defining and targeting specific audience segments to maximize ad relevance and performance.
    • Ad Creative: Capability to organize compelling ad creatives and ad copy that resonate with the target audience.
    • Graphic Design: Capability to design attention-grabbing images with Adobe Photoshop or Canva or its equivalent.
    • Budget Management: Efficiently manage ad budgets to achieve the desired return on investment (ROI).
    • A/B Testing: Conduct A/B tests to optimize ad elements (e.g., headlines, images, videos, calls to action) for better performance.
    • Analytics: Proficiency in using analytics tools, like Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics 4, to track and analyze ad campaign performance.
    • Conversion Tracking: Set up and monitor conversion tracking to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns in driving desired actions (e.g., purchases, order submissions).
    • SEO Knowledge: Basic understanding of how ad campaigns can complement search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.
    • Data Analysis: Strong analytical skills to interpret campaign data and make data-driven decisions for optimization.
    • Creativity: Creative thinking to come up with fresh ideas for ad content and campaigns.
    • Ad Policy Compliance: Stay updated with platform policies to ensure ad campaigns comply with regulations and avoid disapproval.
    • Communication: Effective communication skills to collaborate with team members and convey campaign strategies and results.
    • Project Management: Ability to manage multiple ad campaigns simultaneously, set priorities, and meet deadlines.
    • Troubleshooting: Problem-solving skills to address issues that may arise during ad campaign setup and execution.
    • Stay Current: Stay updated with industry trends, algorithm changes, and emerging best practices in digital advertising.
    • ROI Analysis: Proficiency in analyzing ROI and making adjustments to campaigns to improve profitability.
    • Localization: Understanding of how to adapt campaigns for different regions and demographics.
    • Audience Segmentation: Ability to segment (lookalike and custom audiences), and target specific customer groups based on demographics, behavior, and interests.
    • Mobile Advertising: Familiarity with optimizing ad campaigns for mobile users, given the prevalence of mobile browsing.
    • Social Media Content Post: Ability to create and schedule engaging, educational, and informative content for social media weekly.

    Tool Requirements:

    • Facebook Business Manager: Essential for managing Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns – (maybe provided).
    • Analytics Tools: Proficiency in Google Analytics and other web analytics tools to track and analyze website and campaign performance – (maybe provided).
    • SEO Tools: Knowledge of SEO tools like SEMrush, Moz, or Ahrefs for optimizing organic search presence – (maybe provided).
    • Content Creation Tools: Premium Canva Workspace for creating compelling visuals and graphics – (maybe provided).
    • A Laptop with a Good Internet Connection.

    Starting salary ranges fromN70,000 to N100,000; commensurate with skills, qualifications, and experience. A bonus for targets may be negotiated in the future.

    Other Benefits:

    • We believe that our people are the main drivers of success here at Wellagainremedy Global.
    • An opportunity to be part of a highly professional, creative, and dynamic team working globally
    • Unlimited holiday time (as long as you get the job done & meet KPIs)
    • Fast-paced, challenging, and unique problems to solve every day.
    • Opportunity to work with bright minds and grow without climbing broken traditional work ladders that lead to no way.

    Application Closing Date
    22nd October, 2023.

    How to Apply
    Interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply online

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