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Federal Medical Centre Makurdi

    Federal Medical Centre Makurdi

    Category: Accredited Federal Government MDA
    ABOUT: The Federal Medical Centre Makurdi is a tertiary healthcare institution located in Makurdi, the capital city of Benue State, Nigeria. As a federal government-owned hospital, it is tasked with providing specialized medical care, diagnostic services, and treatment options to patients within Benue State and its neighboring areas. Similar to other federal medical centers in Nigeria, the Federal Medical Centre Makurdi offers a broad spectrum of medical services spanning various specialties. These include general medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, radiology, laboratory services, pharmacy services, and more. In addition to providing healthcare services, the Federal Medical Centre Makurdi also serves as a training institution for medical students and healthcare professionals, contributing to the education and development of the healthcare workforce in Nigeria. Overall, the Federal Medical Centre Makurdi plays a crucial role in the healthcare system, addressing the medical needs of the population it serves and contributing to the advancement of healthcare services in Benue State and beyond.

    CONTACTS: General Information. 301-388-0101 | Emergencies. 301-388-1001 | Appointments. 301-388-1010.

    Source: Corporate Support Team, Lagos Nigeria


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