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List of Government Approved Secondary Schools in Cross River

    List of Government Approved Secondary Schools in Cross River State

    The Federal Ministry of Education Which is Undoubtedly one of the Core department Under the Federal Government of Nigeria responsible for overseeing and managing education-related matters has Released an Open Data of The List of Approved and Recognized Secondary Schools and Colleges in Lagos Both The Public and Private Secondary Schools / Colleges Who are also Approved as an Independent Exam Centers and can also Participate in National Certificate Exams Such as WAEC, NECO and NABTEB.

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    Secondary School, Usumutong, Abi
    Bahumono Secondary Grammar School, Ebom
    Community Secondary Grammar School, Itigidi
    Igbo Imabana Secondary School, Abi
    Agbo Comprehensive Secondary School, Egboronyi Abi
    Edanafa Secondary Commercial School, Ediba Abi
    Community Secondary Commercial School, Adadama Abi
    Government Science School, Afafanyi, Abi
    Community Secondary School, Ebijakara
    Ndam’s Secondary Commercial School, Usumutong
    Favour-Bound Secondary Commercial School, Ekureku Abi
    Community Secondary School, Anong Bahumumo
    Secondary School, Bazohure/Igonigoni
    Victory Secondary School, Adadama, Abi
    Torita Academy, Enusokwe, Ediba, Abi
    Ekureku Community Secondary School, Anong Ekureku, Abi
    Community Secondary School, Ikpalegwa Abi
    First Unity Academy Secondary School, Ekureku
    Enugwema Comprehensive College, Ediba
    Community Secondary Grammar School, Oban Akamkpa
    Community Secondary School, Old Netim
    Government Secondary School, Akamkpa
    Government Science School, Akamkpa
    Government Comprehensive High School, Iko Ekperem, Akamkpa
    Ojor Community Presbyterian Secondary School, Ojor-Akamkpa
    Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikpai, Akamkpa
    Saint Bennard’s Technical College, Obung, Akamkpa
    Comprehensive High School, Aningeje, Akamkpa
    Onun Comprehensive High School, Mbabakom Town, Akamkpa
    Comprehensive High School, Aking
    Government Comprehensive High School, Ayaebam
    Comprehensive High School, Owai
    Achan Comprehensive High School, Mbeban Akamkpa
    Stella Maris Preparatory Seminary, Uyanga Akamkpa
    Comprehensive High School, Akor
    Uyangba Model High School, Akamkpa
    Community Secondary School, Ifumkpa
    Christian Secondary Commercial School, Akamkpa
    Comprehensive High School, Iwuru Central, Akamkpa
    Excel Secondary Commercial School, Nding Ane
    Abakum Secondary Commercial School, Uyanga
    Treasure Child Comprehensive Secondary School, Awi-Akampa
    Eng-Huat International Secondary School, Uyanga Akampa
    United Christian Academy Comprehensive College, Akamkpa
    Light-Way Sec. School, Aningeje, Akamkpa
    Secondary School, Ikot Edem Odo, Akpabuyo
    Community Secondary School, Akpabuyo
    Community Secondary School, Esighi, Akpabuyo
    Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Akwa Ikot Eyo (Edem) Akpabuyo
    Police Secondary School, Calabar
    Government Science School, Ikot Nakanda
    Government Comprehensive High School, Archibong Town Bakassi
    Government Secondary School, Ikot Eneyo Akpabuyo
    Comprehensive High School, Akansoko
    Camp High School, Akwa/ikot Effanga
    Assurance Secondary Commercial School Ikang Town
    Modern Secondary Commercial School, Anyanganse
    Eneyo International High School, Ikot Eneyo Akpabuyo
    Dynamic Grace Of God College, Akpabuyo
    Akwa High School, Ifiang Nsung
    Nigeria Navy Secondary School, Akpabuyo, Calabar
    Irruan Community Secondary School, Bunyia/okubuchi
    Community Secondary School, Katchuan Irruan-Boki
    Secondary Commercial School, Bekpor Irruan
    Community Secondary School, Nsadop, Boki
    Community Secondary School, Boje, Boki
    Trinity Secondary School, Bashua, Boki
    Buentsebe Secondary School, Wula Boki
    Boki Comprehensive Secondary School, Okundi Boki
    Secondary Commercial School, Bateriko-Boki
    Secondary School, Bawop-Boki
    Secondary Commercial School, Kakwagom Boki
    Buda Comprehensive Secondary School, Kakwagom, Irruan Boki
    Comprehensive Secondary School, Okwabang, Boki
    Ekpashi Technical College, Ntamante, Boki
    Community Secondary Commercial School, Abo-Ogbagante Village, Boki
    Community Secondary School, Ogep-Osokom, Boki
    Lutheran High School, Borun, Boki
    Community Secondary School, Iso-Bendeghe,boki
    Government Science School, Orimekpang, Boki
    Bessong Boki Comprehensive High School, Biajua, Boki
    Oku Secondary School, Oku Bushuyu, Boki
    Government Science School, Bansan, Boki
    Community Secondary School, Bumaji, Boki
    Beebo Comprehensive High School, Oluluo Boki
    Comprehensive High School, Buaachor-Boki
    Okwangwo Community Secondary School, Bokalum-Boki
    Government Science School, Kayang
    Community Secondary School, Bamba
    Border Commercial Secondary School, Danare
    Community High School, Olum
    Community Secondary School, Butatong
    Royal Heritage High School, Njugkaku, Boki
    Excellence Comprehensive High School, Okundi Boki
    Comprehensive High School, Okuaro/Buanankong
    Foundation Secondary Commercial School, Bunyia Irruan, Boki
    Destiny Secondary School, Kakwagom
    Oaths Comprehensive High School, Biakwan Orimekpang Boki
    Blessed Centre Secondary School, Okundi
    St. Patrick’s Secondary Commercial School, Biakwan, Boki
    Community Secondary School, Okwangwo, Boki
    Government Science School, Biakpan
    Community Secondary School, Adim
    Community Secondary School, Iko Esai
    Ubaghara High School, Ikun
    Community Secondary School, Abanwan Erei
    Biase Secondary School, Ehom-Biase
    Community Secondary Commercial School, Abini
    Agwagune Community Secondary School, Okurike, Biase
    Akpet Community Secondary School, Akpet Central, Biase
    Mary Immaculate Girls’ Juniorate, Iwuru, Obio Ntan
    Comprehensive High School, Akpet I, Biase
    Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Etono Central, Biase
    Solomon Unoh Memorial Comprehensive High Schhol, Agwagune, Biase
    Comprehensive High School, Abayong
    Community Secondary School, Urugbam-Erei
    Okoh Comprehensive High School, Ikot-Okpora
    Karl Peterson Memorial Academy, Betem
    Community Science School, Iwuru Obio Ntan
    Ayimor Comprehensive Secondary School, Ugbem
    Community Secondary School, Abayong
    Community Secondary Commercial School, Ibini-Erei
    Comprehensive High School, Idoma
    Purity Secondary School, Akpet Central
    Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Betem
    Stan-Best Secondary School, Akpet Central Biase
    Community Secondary School, Ipene-Erei, Biase
    Hope Waddell Training Institution, Calabar
    Saint Patrick’s College, Ikot Ansa, Calabar
    Eastern Secondary Commercial School, Calabar
    Emili’s Secondary Commercial School, Ekpo Eyo, Calabar
    Nico Secondary Commercial School, Calabar
    Army Day Secondary School, Ikot Ansa, Calabar
    Unique Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Omin
    Estate Secondary School, Calabar
    Government Secondary School, Henshaw Town, Calabar
    National Comprehensive Secondary School, Calabar
    Holy Child Secondary School, Marian Hill, Calabar
    West African People’s Institute, Calabar
    Edgerley Memorial Girls’ Secondary School, Calabar
    Pinn Margaret Secondary Commercial School, Calabar
    Federal Government Girls’ College, Calabar
    Immaculate Conception Seminary, Mfamosing
    Duke Town Secondary School, Calabar
    Government College, Ikot Ansa, Calabar
    Government Secondary School, Anantigha, Calabar
    The Word Of Promise High School, Calabar
    Access High School, Calabar
    Zenith High School, Calabar
    Nysc Model Secondary School, Ikot Amsa, Calabar
    Government Science School, Calabar
    Government Science School, Idang, Calabar South
    Modern Comprehensive College, Calabar
    University Of Calabar International Secondary School, Calabar
    Universal Secondary Commercial School, Calabar
    Government Secondary School, Akim
    Margaret Ekpo Secondary School, Calabar
    Federal Airport Authority Of Nigeria Secondary School, Calabar
    Holy Trinity College, Calabar
    Pereka Secondary Commercial School, Calabar
    De_wis College, Calabar
    Brotherhood Model College, Calabar
    Rapid Vocational Training Institution, Calabar
    Government Secondary School, Nassarawa Calabar
    Parliamentary Comprehensive Secondary School, Calabar
    Community Technical College, Calabar
    Etison Comprehensive High School, Ikot Ansa, Calabar
    Hillcrest High School, Calabar
    Divine Technical College, Anantigha
    Majesty High School, Calabar
    The Royal Integrated College Ltd, Calabar
    Government Girls’ Secondary School, Big Qua, Calabar
    Light-Way Secondary School, Calabar
    Government Secondary School, Atu, Calabar
    Victory Secondary Commercial School, Calabar
    Lime Light Secondary School, Calabar
    Sacred Heart Girl’s International Secondary School, Calabar
    Christian Science College, Federal Housing Estate, Calabar
    Government Secondary School, State Housing, Calabar
    Christian High School, Atakpa, Calabar
    Government Secondary School, Uwanse, Calabar
    Governmenet Secondary School, Fed. Housing Estate, Calabar
    Paico Comprehensive College, Anantigha, Calabar
    Daniest International High School, Calabar
    Divine International Academy, Calabar
    Hope & Love Secondary School, Calabar
    De-Fortune Academy, Calabar
    Government Secondary School, Ikot Effanga, Calabar
    Daglo College, Calabar
    Mary Slessor Academy Calabar
    Auntie Magaret Memorial High School, Calabar
    Heritage High School, Ikot Enebong, Calabar
    Christ The King College, Calabar
    Government Secondary School, Nyaghasang, Calabar
    St. Anne’s High School, Calabar
    Gifted International College, Satellite Town Calabar
    Holy Family High School, Otuansa-St Calabar
    Clemo High School, Ikot-Ansa, Calabar
    Greenland Secondary School, Ikot Effanga, Mkpa
    Ancilla Girl’s College, Calabar
    Community Secondary School, Okangha, Ikom
    Ofutop Comprehensive Secondary School,ikom
    Abanyom Community Secondary School, Edor, Ikom
    Ajassor Technical College, Ikom Etung
    Community Secondary School, Nde, Ikom
    Community Secondary School, Okuni, Ikom
    Government Secondary School, Ikom
    Ejagham Secondary School, Abijang
    Community Secondary School, Nsofang, Etung
    Holy Child Secondary School, Ikom
    Yala Community Secondary School, Ikom
    Velos Secondary Commercial School, Ikom
    Etung Comprehensive Secondary School, Bendeghe, Ekiem, Ikom
    Community Secondary School, Akparabong, Ikom
    Community Secondary School, Etomi-Etung
    Ogim Onor Secondary School, Abia-Etung
    Federal Government College, Ikom
    Army Day Secondary School, Afi Barracks, Ikom
    Community Secondary School, Balep, Ikom
    Mkpansi Secondary Commercial School, Okangha, Ikom
    Northern Abanyom Comprehensive Secondary School, Etikpe, Ikom
    Saint Patrick’s Secondary Commerical School, Ikom
    Government Science School, Agbokim
    Nogak Secondary School, Ikom
    Enzu Golden College, Ikom
    Community High School, Ekukunela-Ikom
    Government Science School, Effraya Ikom
    Government Science School, Ekpokpa, Ikom
    Comprehensive Secondary School, Nde-Afi
    Nta East Comprehensive Secondary School, Oyenghe
    Veden Secondary Commercial School, Bendeghe
    Nnam Comprehensive Secondary School, Alok Ikom
    Comprehensive Secondary School, Nta Ikom
    Philipson Comprehensive College, Ikom.
    Enoghi Secondary School, Ikom
    St. Johns Model Secondary School, Ikom
    Favour Comprehensive Secondary School, Border Road, Ikom
    Two Ends Multinational High School, Ikom
    Community Secondary School, Nkim, Ikom
    Nzuok-Ola Community Secondary School, Afbaragba, Ikom
    Comprehensive High School Alesi, Ikom
    Crown Model College, Four Corners, Ikom
    Model Secondary School, Nkarasi, Ikom
    St.Joseph’s Comprehensive Secondaryschool, Atimaka
    Vocational Commercial Secondary School, Okosora, Ikom
    Government Secondary School, Ekimkae, Bendeghe-Ekiem,Ikom
    Kings Comprehensive High School, Abinti Ikom
    Kings & Queens High School, Ikom Town
    Crina Secondary School, Ajassor Etung
    Comprehensive Secondary School, Itaka, Etung
    Merit International High School, Ikom
    Benkings Community College Nkonfap Ikom
    Community Science School, Mkopt, Etung
    Bosok Model College, Akparabong, Ikom
    Hill Side High School, Ikom
    Community Secondary Commercial School, Opu Ikom
    Nselle Community High School, Njemetop, Ikom
    Community Secondary School, Akam-Ikom
    Modern Secondary School, Bendeghe Ekiem, Etung
    Kevin Nsor Memorial College, Ikom
    Holy Family Secondary School, Border Road, Ikom
    Elite High School, Okondi Ikom
    Richardsin Academy Secondary School, Mgbaka-Nkpiri Ikom
    De-Joy Academy Secondary School, Edor
    Community Secondary School, Utugwang, Obudu
    Bedia Secondary Commercial School, Obudu
    Government Science School, Ipong
    Angiaba Secondary School, Okorshie, Obudu
    Community Secondary School, Ukpe, Obudu
    Government Secondary School, Obudu
    Girls’ Secondary School, Obudu
    Begiading Secondary Grammar School, Ohong, budu
    Alege Community Secondary School, Alege, Obudu
    Community Secondary School, Behuawhan, Obudu
    Community Secondary School, Ubang, Obudu
    Ukpada Community Secondary School, Utugwang-Obudu
    Clement Ebri Technical College, Ukpirinyi, Utugwang, Obudu
    Alege Community Secondary School, Alege Obudu
    Comprehensive High School, Kutiang, Obudu
    Model Secondary Commercial School, Nkerika-Utugwang Obudu
    Comprehensive High School, Igwo
    Begiaka Technical College, Ibong, Obudu
    Comprehensive Secondary School, Okworogung, Obudo
    Vertical Secondary School, Obudu
    Andoya Foundation College,obudu
    Kabong Secondary Commercial School, Ipong
    Julijons Foundation Secondary School, Kutia-Obudu
    Model Comprehensive Secondary School Begiaba-Obudu
    Federation Secondary School, Obudu
    Grace Missionary Secondary School Ukwel-Obudu
    Unity Secondary School, Ukwortung
    Udigie Comprehensive High School, Obudu
    Community Secondary School, Kubong Bette
    Community Secondary School, Betukwei, Obudu
    Community Secondary School, Okordem, Obudu
    The Rock Foundation Secondary School, Atiekpe Village, Obudu
    Okwrisesg Comprehensive High School, Ubang
    Okamkwu Community Secondary School Okambi Obudu
    Bayobre Community Secondary School, Ukpe-Obudu
    Comprehensive Secondary School, Ukwel-Obudu
    Bebuatsuan Community Secondary School,Ipong Obudu
    Abua Agbo Memorial Grammar School, Kikung-Ukpe
    F.C.E. Staff Secondary School, Obudu
    Royal Youth Academy, Igwo-Obudu
    Mbembe Comprehensive Secondary School, Obubra
    Community Secondary School, Apiapum, Obubra
    Community Secondary School, Adun, Obubra
    Community Secondary Commercial School, Ofudua, Obubra
    Okum East Secondary School, Ochon, Obubra
    Saint Brendan’s Secondary School, Iyamoyong, Obubra
    Government Technical College, Obubra
    Regina Pacis Modern Secondary School, Ofumbonggha, Obubra
    Community Secondary School, Yala, Obubra
    Government Comprehensive High School, Eja-Ijebeh, Obubra
    Doctor Eyaba Memorial Girls’ Secondary School, Obubra
    Egara Comprehensive Secondary School, Iyamitet
    Community Secondary School, Oyadama
    Unity Secondary School, Ababene
    Community Secondary School, Onyen-Okpon, Obubra
    Community Secondary School, Ogurude, Obubra
    Comprehensive Secondary School, Ohana
    Christian Secondary School, Apiapum
    Comprehensive Secondary School, Edondon
    Government Secondary School, Iyamoyong-Obubra
    Brain Field Secondary Commercial School, Obubra
    Isobo Comprehensive Secondary School, Isobo, Obubra
    Udumeyi High School, Isobo
    Elder Oyama Memorial Secondary School, Ofat-Adun Obubura
    Apex Modern Secondary School, Ovonum, Obubra
    Redemption Secondary Commercial School, Ofumbonga Obubra
    Excellence Secondary School, Mile Obubra
    Opa Model Secondary School Mile Obubra
    St. Peter’s Success Secondary School, Ofumgbongha, Obubra
    Pinnacle Secondary Commercial School, Ogurokpon, Obubra
    Community Secondary School, Ofumbongha Obubra
    St. Franklin Model Secondary School, Ochon, Obubra
    Vicstan Comprehensive Secondary School, Ofatura, Obubra
    Assurance Community Secondary School, Ovukwa Obubra
    Spring Of Success Secondary School, Ofumbogha, Obubra
    Community Secondary School, Araragha
    Success Secondary School, Isabang Obubra
    Optimistic Secondary School, Ogada , Obubra
    Goshen High School, Obubra
    Obanliku Community Secondary School, Sankwala
    Bendi Technical College, Obanliku
    Utanga Community Secondary School, Bagga, Obanliku
    Community Secondary School, Busi, Obanliku
    Community Secondary Commercial School, Ketting-Bendi, Obanliku
    Community Secondary School, Bendi, Obanliku
    Godbey Secondary Commercial School, Sankwala, Obanliku
    Comprehensive High School, Bishiri
    Government Science School, Kukare
    Bessenge Comprehensive High School, Utanga-Obanliku
    Basang Secondary Commercial School, Bayalele
    Community Secondary School, Cattle Ranch, Obanliku
    Adambe Secondary Commercial School, Utuhu
    Mount Oliver Modern School Of Art And Science, Amana
    Roal Community Secondary School Lishikwel -Bendi
    Bisu Community Secondary School, Bisu Obanliku
    Bebi Community Technical College Beegbong Bebi
    Community Secondary School, Ukwa Ibom, Odukpani
    Comprehensive Secondary School, Obom Itiat Odukpani
    Eniong Abatim Comprehensive Secondary School, Atan Onoyom
    Okoyong Community Secondary School, Akpap-Okoyong, Odukpani
    Government Secondary School, Creek Town, Odukpani
    Dan Archibong Memorial Secondary School, Usung Esuk
    Odot Ediong Secondary Commercial School, Obio Asim
    Government Comprehensive High School, Adiabo, Odukpani
    Charle’s Best College, Odukpani
    Comprehensive High School, Ito
    Government Secondary School, Adiabo,Odukpani
    Saint Matthew Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Effiong Otop
    Akim Akim Model High School, Odukpani
    Government Science School, Efut-Ibonda
    Government Comprehensive High School, Ikoneto
    Relief International Secondary School, Inua Akpa
    Goverment Comprehensive Secondary School, Atan Eki, Odukpani
    Government Secondary School, Asang-Eniong, Odukpani
    Government Secondary School, Adiabo-Okutikang
    Nkum Iborr Secondary Commercial School, Alladim, Ogoja
    Community Secondary School, Ughoro, Bekwarra, Ogoja
    Ukpah Community Secondary School, Bekwarra, Ogoja
    Community Secondary School, Afrike, Ogoja
    Comprehensive Secondary School, Gakem, Ogoja
    Army Day Secondary School, Army Barracks, Ogoja
    Holy Child Secondary School, Mount Carmel Ogoja
    Trinity Commercial College, Ibiaragidi-Bekwarra
    Annunciation Girls’ Juniorate, Moniaya, Ogoja
    Ekajuk Comprehensive Secondary School, Bansara, Ogoja
    Bekwarra Secondary School, Abuochiche, Ogoja
    Ntol Comprehensive Secondary School, Ndok, Ogoja
    Mbube East Secondary School, Oboso, Ogoja
    Mbube West Secondary School, Ekumtak, Ogoja
    Nkum Secondary School, Ibil, Ogoja
    Federal Science College, Ogoja
    Agiga Secondary Commercial School, Igoli Ogoja
    Saint Thomas’ College, Ogoja
    Community Secondary School, Nwang, Ekajuk, Ogoja
    Saint Catherine’s College, Abakpa Ogoja
    Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Mfom-Ogoja
    Government Science School, Egbe-Mbube Ogoja
    Saint Joseph Secondary School, Agiga Ogoja
    Good Shepherd Centre For Special Education, Ogoja
    State High School, Igoli Ogoja
    Comprehensive High School, Idum-Mbube, Ogoja
    Youths Secondary Commercial School, Igoli Ogoja
    Morphy Memorial Secondary School, Ishibori-Ogoja
    Odabua Model College, Beten
    Amazing Secondary School, Igoli, Ogoja
    Government Science School, Nyanya
    Victory Secondary School, Igoli Ogoja
    Government Technical College, Ogoja
    Aunty Mary-Grace Model Secondary School, Abakpa-Ogoja
    Rev. Kornelson Secondary Commercial School, Emmanda I
    Glado Computer Science College, Okuku
    Progressive Comprehensive College, Ochagbe-Afrike
    All Saints Secondary School, Abakpa, Ogoja
    Government Science School, Ishibori, Ogoja
    Government Girls’ High School, Igoli, Ogoja
    Pace Setter Secondary Commercial School, Mfom, Ogoja
    Rochris Comprehensive High School, Gakem
    Youth Academy College, Beten
    Model Science College, Agoo-Gakem Bekwara
    Liberation Model College, Anyikang
    Unity Secondary School, Oberia Mbube
    Ujia Secondary Commercial School Ibiaragidi-Bekwarra
    Model Comprehensive Secondary School Ogoja
    Achuon Memorial Secondary Commercial School, Ukpah
    Bakor Comprehensive Secondary School, Ekpurinya Ogoja
    Ebanimbin Comprehensive Secondary School, Egbung, Ogoja
    Unique Comprehensive College, Ijibor
    St. Joseph Secondary School, Itekpa
    St. Kizito Community Secondary School, Abuagbor-Iye
    Ellah Model High School, Bansara, Ogoja
    Little Saint Foundation Secondary School, Mbube Ogoja
    Shalom Secondary Computer College, Okuntak, Mbube Ogoja
    Atehung Community Secondary School, Unwapu-Ukpa
    Paradise Corner Stone College, Abuochiche, Bekwarra
    St. Mark Secondary School, Anyikang, Bekwarra
    Pace Setter Secondary School, Ibil, Ogoja
    Agilison Divine Academy, Ogoja
    Christian High School, Igodor, Ogoja
    Egre Egede Memorial College, Ngbana, Ogoja
    Alphaben International College, Mbarakul,Ogoja
    Charles Anthony Model Secondary School, Ishi-Aya Ibil Ogoja
    Mbe-Ayie Comprehensive Secondary School, Edide-Mbube, Ogoja
    La-Kate Model Academy, Ogoja
    Christ The King College, Mbok Ii, Ogoja
    Ogar Science Academy, Bekwara
    Achichi Foundation College, Ikparikobo, Bekwara
    Wisdom Secondary Commercial School, Afrike Bekwara
    Community Secondary School, Ukpe, Ogoja
    St. Joseph Orphanage Secondary School, Idum-Mbube, Ogoja
    Noble Secondary School, Itekpa, Bekwara
    Unity College, Utukpuru, Bekwarra
    Jonem High School, Okuku, Yala
    Secondary Grammar School, Wanakom, Northern Ukelle, Yala
    Comprehensive Secondary School, Mfuma South Ukella, Yala
    Igbeku Comprehensive Secondary School, Imaje, Yala
    Oe’yi Onwu Secondary Grammar School, Yahe-Yala
    Pope John Paul Ii Seminary, Okpoma, Yala
    Mary Knoll College, Okuku, Yala
    Yala Secondary Commercial School, Okpoma, Yala
    Yache Community Secondary School, Alifokpa, Yala
    Community Secondary School, Ijiegu Yache, Yala
    Community Secondary School, Wanikade, Yala
    Government Comprehensive High School, Anyugbe-Igede, Yala
    Government Science School, Wanihem, North Ukelle, Yala
    Community Secondary School, Okirikha Gabu, Yala
    Comprehensive Secondary School, Ekwonk
    Government Science School, Wogada-Ebo
    Government Secondary School, Okpoma-Yala
    Comprehensive High School, Ugaga Yala
    Veden Secondary School, Okuku, Yala
    Government Science School, Ijiraga
    National Secondary Commercial School, Yahe Yala
    Community Secondary School, Uchu-Yache
    Community Secondary School, Ijegu
    Community Secondary School, Echumofena
    Agba Community Secondary School, Opirikwu
    Glado Com Puter Science College, Okuku
    Ochumode Business Academy, Okuku
    Era Care Secondary School, Okuku
    Itekpa Comprehensive Secondary School Itekpa Okuku
    Ferdy Memorial College Okpoma
    Veden Comprehensive Secondary School, Okpoma-Yala
    Heritage College, Imaje, Yala
    Mathias Offoboche Secondary School, Okuku-Yala
    Community Secondary School, Ezekwe, Yala
    Science Academy Wanakom, Yala
    St. Francis Meridian College, Okuku
    Classical International College, Yala
    God’s Will Secondary School, Akreha-Yala
    Kings & Queens Science College, Ajeogboule Gabu,Yala
    Okani Comprehensive Secondary School, Osina,Yala
    Holy Trinity Standard Commercial Secondary, Okpoma Yala
    Supreme Secondary Commercial School, Igbekurekor,Yala
    Central Demonstration College, Idiku, Okpoma
    Glado College Of Arts & Science, Okpoma
    United Comprehensive Secondary School, Ibenta Wanikade
    Community Secondary School, Wonye, Yaache
    Bright Future Secondary School, Okuku, Yala
    St. Anthony Model College, Liokom North Ukelle, Yala
    Wanibolor Comprehensive Secondary School, Idum Wanibolor, Yala
    Ochumode Model College, Yahe
    Al-Marck Christ The King College, Ijokom, Yala
    Christ The King Comprehensive Academy, Etandere Ijegu, Yala
    Ulakom Model Academy, Iwango, Yala
    Destiny Comprehensive Secondary School, Yahe
    Community Secondary School, Okumenyi, Yala
    Odaji Agbo College, Ayeko, Yala
    Government Secondary School, Ipollo, Ukelle Yahe
    Community Secondary School, Mkpani, Yakurr
    Secondary School, Idomi, Yakurr
    Girls’ Secondary School, Ugep, Yakurr
    Comprehensive Secondary School, Nko, Yakurr
    Community Secondary School, Nko, Yakurr
    Ayiga Community Secondary School, Okodung-Assiga, Yakurr
    Community Secondary Commercial School, Ekunkune, Assiga
    Community Secondary School, Agoi Ibami, Yakurr
    Community Secondary School, Ugep, Yakurr
    Comprehensive Secondary School, Ekori, Yakurr
    Tekowa Comprehensive Science School, Agoi Ekpo, Yakurr
    Presbyterian Seminary, Yakurr, Ugep
    Vision Secondary Commercial School, Ugep
    Saint Patrick’s Technical College, Ugep
    Christian Secondary School, Ekori
    Cambridge Christian Secondary Commercial School, Ntankpo, Ugep
    Saint Joseph’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Ugep
    Eko Inika Science School, Ekori
    Itamonem Model Secondary School, Nko
    Ubi Ottoh Memorial Computer Secondary School, Ugep
    Emmanuel High School, Idomi
    Unibright Model School, Idomi Road, Ugep
    Community Secondary School Inyima Yakurr
    Presbeterian Secondary Grammar School, Mkpani
    Elder Ofem Memorial Secondary School, Mkpani
    Franmis Secondary School, Ketabebe
    Bens High School, Idomi
    All Saints Presbytarian Academy, Ugep
    Holy Standard College, Yakurr
    Community Secondary School, Ntinton Ekori
    Dr. Okoi Arikpo Memorial Secondary School, Ugep
    Ijiman Science Academy, Ugep
    Federick Owan Memorial Secondary School, Ugep
    The Apostolic Secondary Grammar School, Ugep
    Ras Comprehensive Secondary School, Ekpeti, Assiga
    Kent Commercial Academy, Ekori Yakurr
    Kingsford Vocational College, Ekori
    Unity Commercial Secondary School, Agoi-Ibami, Yakurr
    Redeemed Model Seminary Ugep
    Graceland Comprehensive Secondary School, Ugep
    Fredrick Owan Memorial Secondary School, Ugep
    Bebuatsuan Community Secondary School, Ipong Obudu

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