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List of Government Approved Secondary Schools in Ekiti

    List of Government Approved Secondary Schools in Ekiti State

    The Federal Ministry of Education Which is Undoubtedly one of the Core department Under the Federal Government of Nigeria responsible for overseeing and managing education-related matters has Released an Open Data of The List of Approved and Recognized Secondary Schools and Colleges in Ekiti Both The Public and Private Secondary Schools / Colleges Who are also Approved as an Independent Exam Centers and can also Participate in National Certificate Exams Such as WAEC, NECO and NABTEB.

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    Christ’s School, Ado-Ekiti
    Christ’s Girls’ School, Ado-Ekiti
    Ado Grammar School, Ado-Ekiti
    Mary Immaculate Grammar School, Ado-Ekiti
    Ola-Oluwa Muslim Grammar School, Ado-Ekiti
    Ado Community High School, Ado-Ekiti
    Christ Apostolic Church Comprehensive High School, Ado-Ekiti
    Baptist Comprehensive High School, Oke-Ila, Ado-Ekiti
    Mary Hill Boys’ High School, Ado-Ekiti
    Ben-Folarin College, Ado-Ekiti
    Ekiti State Government College, Ado-Ekiti
    Christ The King Comprehensive High School, Ado-Ekiti
    Anglican High School, Ado-Ekiti
    Ansar-Ud-Deen Comprehensive High School, Ado-Ekiti
    Falana High School, Ado-Ekiti
    Eureka National Comprehensive High School, Ado-Ekiti
    Nova International Secondary School, Ado-Ekiti
    Holy Child Catholic Secondary School, Ado-Ekiti
    Ekiti Anglican Diocesan High School, Ado-Ekiti
    Omega Academy, Ado-Ekiti
    Adewale Comprehensive College, Ado Ekiti
    Fountain International High School, Ado-Ekiti
    Muslim College, Ado-Ekiti
    First Class Academy, Ado-Ekiti
    Living Spring International Model College, Ado-Ekiti
    Living Christ College, Ado-Ekiti
    Busy Minds Star International College, Ado-Ekiti
    Ekiti Methodist High School, Ado-Ekiti
    Wisdom Foundations International College, Ado-Ekiti
    Jokotayo Academy, Ado-Ekiti
    All Souls Anglican Senior Grammar School, Ado
    Young Brain Education College, Ado
    Ideal Grammar School, Ado-Ekiti
    Petoa City College, Ekute Quarters, Ado
    Providence Secondary School, Ado-Ekiti
    New Creation College, Temidire Quarters Ado
    Convenant Secondary Academy, Ado
    Sheperd International College, Ado- Ekiti
    At-Tawheed Model Senior School, Ado-Ekiti
    Tinuola International College, Ado-Ekiti
    Wonder City College, Ado- Ekiti
    New Model International College,Ado-Ekiti
    Greater Tomorrow Model College, Ado- Ekiti
    Bestline Distinct College, Ado Ekiti
    Linkers Model College, Ado- Ekiti
    Great Mercies International College, Ado- Ekiti
    Christ Apostolic Church Grammar School, Efon Alaaye
    Efon Alaaye High School, Efon Alaaye
    Apostole Babalola Memorial Grammar School, Efon Alaaye
    Anglican Secondary School, Efon Alaaye
    Saint Michael Catholic Grammar School, Efon Alaaye
    Efon Alaaye City College, Oke-Are
    Federal Government Girls College, Efon-Alaye
    Our Saviour’s Standard College, Efon-Alaaye
    Ekiti State Government College, Efon Alaaye
    Omuo Comprehensive High School, Omuo-Ekiti
    Ekamefa Community Commercial Grammar School, Ilasa-Ekiti
    Community Grammar School, Omuo-Ekiti
    Omuooke Grammar School, Omuooke-Ekiti
    Obedu Community Grammar School, Isinbode-Ekiti
    Omuo-Ore Secondary School, Omuo-Ekiti
    Amunnu Comprehensive High School, Omuo-Ekiti
    Olivet High School, Omuo-Ekiti
    Mouro Memorial High School, Omuo-Ekiti
    Sola Babalola Memorial High School, Iro-Ekiti
    Modupe Akinlabi Memorial High School, Ilasa
    Blessing Model Secondary School, Omuo-Ekiti
    Saint Silas Anglican Secondary School, Omuo-Oke Ekiti
    Ogunmokunwa Memorial Christ College, Kota, Omuo-Ekiti
    Isedo Comprehensive High School, Omuo-Oke, Ekiti
    Ore-Ofe Academy Secondary School, Omuo-Oke Ekiti
    Elites Secondary School, Omuo-Ekiti
    Living Spring International College, Omuo
    Methodist Senior High School, Isinbode-Ekiti
    Ifelodun Community Grammar School, Ikun/Araromi-Ekiti
    C.A.C. Secondary School, Ita-Alaafia,Omuo-Ekiti
    Glory Ideal College, Omuo- Oke
    Olukayode College, Omuo, Ekiti
    Citadel Of Success College, Isibode- Ekiti
    Corpus Christi College, Ilawe-Ekiti
    Community High School, Igbara-Odo, Ekiti
    United High School, Ilawe-Ekiti
    Ogotun High School, Ogotun-Ekiti
    Omoeleye Comprehensive High School, Igbara-Odo, Ekiti
    Oniwe Comprehensive High School, Ilawe-Ekiti
    Ojorube Grammar School, Ogotun-Ekiti
    Alarelu Comprehensive High School, Igbara-Odo
    Ademeso Royal College, Ogotun-Ekiti
    Ilawe Grammar School, Ilawe-Ekiti
    Solid Foundation International College, Ilawe-Ekiti
    Unity Secondary School, Ogotun-Ekiti
    Victory College, Ilawe Ekiti
    Toluwani Sec School, Igbara-Odo
    Glory International Secondary School, Igbara-Odo
    Okemesi Grammar School, Okemesi-Ekiti
    District Commercial Secondary School, Aramoko-Ekiti
    Edu High School, Erio-Ekiti
    Erin-Ayonigba High School, Erijiyan-Ekiti
    Ajinare Grammar School, Ido-Ajinare, Ekiti
    Alamoye Comprehensive High School, Aramoko-Ekiti
    Community High School, Okemesi-Ekiti
    Ipole/iloro Commercial Grammar School, Ipole Iloro, Ekiti
    Ikogosi High School, Ikogosi-Ekiti
    Community Grammar School, Aramoko-Ekiti
    Erijiyan Community High School, Erijiyan-Ekiti
    Victory Royal College, Aramoko, Ekiti
    Glory Model College, Aramoko, Ekiti
    Bezaleel Excellent College, Erijiyan-Ekiti
    Fabunmi Memorial Senior High School, Okemesi-Ekiti
    Olive Royal Academy College, Erinjiyan Ekiti
    Merciful God Int’l High School, Aramoko-Ekiti
    Ijaloke Grammar School, Emure-Ekiti
    Orija High School, Emure-Ekiti
    Eporo High School, Eporo-Emure, Ekiti
    Government Science College, Emure Ekiti
    Emure Model High School, Emure
    God’s Own Comprehensive College, Emure
    Christ Our Foundation Academy, Emure-Ekiti
    St. Paul Anglican Grammar School, Emure- Ekiti
    Christ Victory Academy, Emure
    Progressive International High School, Emure- Ekiti
    Ode-Ekiti High School, Ode-Ekiti
    Aisegba Community Grammar School, Aisegba-Ekiti
    Ijanmodu Comprehensive High School, Ijan-Ekiti
    Ojugbaye Comprehensive High School, Imesi-Ekiti
    Ileowuro High School, Agbado-Ekiti
    Methodist High School, Egbe-Ekiti
    Community High School, Iluomoba-Ekiti
    Aisegba Comprehensive High School, Aisegba-Ekiti
    Christ International Comprehensive College, Agbado
    All Saints Catholic College Ilupeju Ijan Ekiti
    Ayo Daramola Memorial Grammar School, Ijan Ekiti
    Ayeteju Comprehensive Senior College, Iro Ayeteju
    Christ The Answer Secondary School, Aisegba-Ekiti
    Jobabeg International College, Aisegba
    Faith And Love College, Ode-Ekiti
    New Era College, Ode Ekiti
    Toluwani Golden College, Imesi-Ekiti
    Ujilogun High School, Ilupeju-Ijan, Ijan Ekiti
    Ekiti Parapo College, Ido-Ekiti
    Ifaki Grammar School, Ifaki-Ekiti
    Notre-Dame Grammar School, Usi-Ekiti
    Methodist Girls’ Grammar School, Ifaki-Ekiti
    Methodist Comprehensive High School, Aaye-Ekiti
    Ilogbo High School, Ilogbo-Ekiti
    Oganganmodu Grammar School, Ido-Ekiti
    Elo High School, Ayetoro-Ekiti
    Ojo-Ugbole High School, Igbole-Ekiti
    Orin High School, Orin-Ekiti
    Usi High School, Usi-Ekiti
    Ora Community High School, Ora-Ekiti
    Ekiti State Government College, Usi-Ekiti
    Osi Community High School, Osi-Ekiti
    Adladof High School, Ifaki, Ekiti
    Oke-Osanyintolu Model High School, Ido-Ekiti, Ekiti
    Liberty International Science College, Ido-Ekiti
    Aanu Oluwa Progressive College, Ifaki Ekiti
    Ifisin Grammar School, Ifisin-Ekiti
    Federal Science & Technical College, Usi Ekiti
    Doherty Memorial Grammar School, Ijero-Ekiti
    Ayetoro/Iloro High School, Iloro-Ekiti
    Ipoti High School, Ipoti-Ekiti
    Babatope Memorial High School, Ikoro-Ekiti
    Comprehensive High School, Odo-Owa, Ekiti
    Ayegunle/temidire Comprehensive High School, Ayegunle, Ekiti
    Ekameta Community High School, Epe/ara/araromi Ekiti
    Ijero High School, Ijero-Ekiti
    Ijurin Comprehensive High School, Ijurin-Ekiti
    Iloro Community High School,iloro-Ekiti
    Community Secondary School, Ipoti-Ekiti
    Eso-Obe Comprehensive High School, Ikoro-Ekiti
    Ara Comprehensive High School, Ara-Ijero-Ekiti
    Omotade College, Ijero-Ekiti
    Okeoro/Iroko Comprehensive High School, Okeoro-Ekiti
    Grace Youth College, Ijero-Ekiti
    Faith Royal College, Ijero Ekiti
    Oluwalose Secondary School, Ipoti-Ekiti
    St. Gabriel Catholic Secondary School, Ijero Ekiti
    Cornerstone International School, Ikoro
    The African Church Grammar School, Iloro-Ekiti
    Orisunbare Community Secondary School, Ijero-Ekiti
    Christ Apostolic Church High School, Ijero- Ekiti
    Annunciation School, Ikere-Ekiti
    Amoye Grammar School, Ikere-Ekiti
    Saint Louis’ Grammar School, Ikere-Ekiti
    African Church Comprehensive High School, Ikere-Ekiti
    Eleyo High School, Ikere-Ekiti
    Ajolagun High School, Ikere-Ekiti
    Ansar-Ud-Deen Comprehensive High School, Ikere-Ekiti
    Irepodun Community High School, Ikere-Ekiti
    Ekiti State Government College, Ikere-Ekiti
    Bobas High School, Ikere-Ekiti
    College Of Education Demonstration Secondary School, Ikere-Ekiti
    Distinction Secondary School, Ikere-Ekiti
    Prince & Princess Academy, Ikere-Ekiti
    Ikere High School, Ikere-Ekiti
    Baptist High School, Ikere-Ekiti
    Victory City College, Ikere-Ekiti
    Egbeoba High School, Ikole-Ekiti
    Ansar-Ud-Deen High School, Ikole-Ekiti
    Saint Mary’s Girls’ Grammar School, Ikole-Ekiti
    Comprehensive High School, Ayedun-Ekiti
    Comprehensive High School, Ijesa-Isu-Ekiti
    Irepodun High School, Ipao-Ekiti
    Odo-Oro High School, Odo-Oro, Ekiti
    Ayebode High School, Ayobode-Ekiti
    Ara Community High School, Ara, Ikole-Ekiti
    Itapaji Community High School, Itapaji-Ekiti
    Community High School, Oke-Ako-Ekiti
    Community High School, Irele-Ekiti
    Holy Apostolic High School, Ikole-Ekiti
    Community High School, Orin-Odo, Ikole-Ekiti
    Fiyinfolu High School, Oke Ayedun, Ekiti
    Odundun High School, Odo-Ayedun Ekiti
    Ebenezer Premier Secondary School, Asin Ikole Ekiti
    Saint Theresa’s Catholic Secondary School, Ikole-Ekiti
    Tessy Gacamic Hope College, Ikole
    Rapid High School, Ikole-Ekiti
    Crown Secondary School, Ikole-Ekiti
    Federal Government College, Ikole-Ekiti
    Iyemero Community High School, Iyemero-Ekiti
    Success High School, Odo-Ayodun, Ekiti
    Ikole City College, Ikole- Ekiti
    Prospect Varsity College, Ikole Ekiti
    Goodnews Secondary School,Orin Odo- Ekiti
    Ilejemeje Community High School, Iye-Ekiti
    Iludun Community High School, Iludun-Ekiti
    Ewu Comprehensive High School, Ewu Ekiti
    Ipere Comprehensive High School, Ipere-Ekiti
    Oniyo Grammar School, Eda Oniyo Ekiti
    Canaanland Pre-Varsity Academy, Iye- Ekiti
    Ekiti Baptist High School, Igede-Ekiti
    Eyemote Comprehensive High School, Iyin-Ekiti
    Igbemo Community Comprehensive High School, Igbemo Ekiti
    Community Comprehensive High School, Awo-Ekiti
    Okunsusi/Jemiriye High School, Igede-Ikiti
    Egirioke High School, Iyin-Ekiti
    Are/Afao Comprehensive High School, Are-Afao, Ekiti
    Iropora Community High School, Iropora Ekiti
    Community High School, Iworoko-Ekiti
    Oloketuyi Memorial Grammar School, Igbemo-Ekiti
    Mater Christi Girls’ High School, Igede
    Government Science College, Iyin Ekiti
    Community High School, Esure Ekiti
    Ife Oluwa Model College. Iyin
    Deborah College Igede-Ekiti
    Eyio Comm. High School, Eyio-Ekiti
    Ise-Emure Grammar School, Ise-Emure Ekiti
    Ise Comprehensive High School, Ise-Ekiti
    Akinluse Comprehensive High School, Ise-Ekiti
    Community Grammar School, Orun-Ekiti
    Obada High School, Ise-Ekiti
    United Comprehensive High School, Ise-Ekiti
    Our Lord’s College, Ise-Ekiti
    Agbede Comprehensive College, Ise-Ekiti
    Mercy Grammar School, Ise-Ekiti
    God’s Wisdom Comprehensive High School, Ise-Ekiti
    Ogbese Comprehensive High School, Ogbese-Ekiti
    Christ Academy Secondary School, Afolu, Ise-Ekiti
    Multi-Talent Comprehensive College, Ise-Ekiti
    Success College, Ise-Ekiti
    Arinjale Comprehensive Senior High School, Ise-Ekiti
    Adetunji Ajayi Senior Secondary School, Ise-Ekiti
    Berachah Glorious College, Ise-Ekiti
    Rhema Greater Height International Secondary School, Ise-Ekiti
    St. Mark’s Anglican Comprehensive High School, Ise
    C.A.C. Comprehensive High School, Ise-Ekiti
    Moba Grammar School, Otun-Ekiti
    Igogo Commercial High School, Igogo-Ekiti
    Amure High School, Ikun-Ekiti
    Eyemojo Comprehensive High School, Osan-Ekiti
    Otun Comprehensive High School, Otun-Ekiti
    Osun Grammar School, Osun-Ekiti
    Erinmope High School, Erinmope Ekiti
    Ansar-Ud Deen Islamic Secondary School, Otun-Ekiti
    Adventist Comprehensive High School, Otun Ekiti
    Aaye Oja Community Grammar School, Aaye-Oja-Ekiti
    Amazing Grace College, Otun Ekiti
    Ikosu Senior Comprehensive High School, Ikosu Ekiti
    Christ Royal Master College, Otun-Ekiti
    Holy Michael Champion College, Otun Ekiti
    Lumen Christi Catholic Secondary School, Otun-Ekiti
    Ifelodun Comprehensive High School Igogo- Ekiti
    Epe Community High School, Epe Ekiti
    Ayede Grammar School, Ayede-Ekiti
    Obalatan Commercial Grammar School, Ilupeju Ekiti
    Ansar-Ud-Deen High School, Ire-Ekiti
    Saint Augustine’s Comprehensive High School, Oye-Ekiti
    Isan Secondary School, Isan-Ekiti
    Community High School, Ayegbaju-Ekiti
    Ogunnire Comprehensive High School, Ire-Ekiti
    Itapa/osin Community Comprehensive High School, Itapa-Ekiti
    Itaji Community Grammar School, Itaji-Ekiti
    Ilupeju High School, Ilupeju-Ekiti
    Ekiti State Government College, Oye-Ekiti
    Omu-Ijelu High School, Omu-Ijelu Ekiti
    National High School, Oye-Ekiti
    Christ The King’s Catholic College, Ire-Ekiti
    Our Lady Seat Of Wisdom Catholic Girls’ Secondary School, Oye, Ekiti
    Community High School, Osin-Ekiti
    Government Science College, Ayede Ekiti
    Oye Egbo High School, Oye-Ekiti
    Oluwanifesimi College, Ilupeju-Ekiti
    Concentric International Group Of Schools, Oye-Ekiti
    Christ The King Academy, Ilupeju-Ekiti

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